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Do you recognize it? It looks like your house can never look tidy. It feels like you’re tidying up and cleaning all day. But at the end, you wonder what you’ve actually done all day. And the worst case happens, when you visit someone unexpectedly, the impossible seems true. You enter a house that is completely organized and clean. How is that possible? What are you doing wrong and what do others do better? People with a clean and orderly house often use a number of fixed tips. And because I also want to help you, I will share these eight simple habits with you. If you know how to apply them in your daily life your house will always be neat and tidy.

Tidy house

1.    Shaking up for a good start of the day

The morning is the start of the day and therefore the start of your new routine. You got up and dressed up. Then start shaking up your bed. Shake the pillows and the comforter well and let the bed open for a while. Open the windows for some fresh air. After breakfast, go back to your bedroom, pull the sheets tight and put nice decorative pillows on your bed. It will surprise you what a pretty effect this gives to your bedroom. The cushions on the couch can also be shaken for a fresh effect.

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2.    Clothes everywhere belongs to the past

Make a quick round through your entire house. Pick up clothes off the floor. Clothes are often the culprit of a disorderly home. It is so easy to leave clothes around the house. In the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom and of course in the bedroom. During your morning tour through the house, you collect all the clothing that is dirty. Put it directly in the laundry basket. It is handy to have different laundry baskets. Such as a laundry basket for towels, one for white laundry and one for colored laundry. That saves time during washing. And it also looks organized. Clothes that do not need to be washed can be stored in the wardrobe. It only takes a few minutes of your time, but it has a great result.

Daily clean up

3.    Clean out the dishwasher for a clean kitchen

Loading and unloading the dishwasher is a job that doesn’t make everyone happy. Yet it is a quick way to keep your kitchen counter clean. It gives a tidy and hygienic appearance. Do this in the morning and in the evening before going to bed. The dishwasher can be switched on at night, so that the dishes are clean in the morning. So the morning routine involves clearing the dishwasher. This gives space to put in the dirty dishes of breakfast. A clean kitchen with space for a flower or a green plant, and gives a pleasant feeling.

4.    Cleaning the whole kitchen, for the best feeling

Have you finished cooking? Then it is tempting to leave the dirty dishes. It fits well with the above tip to put the dirty dishes directly in the dishwasher. Yet there is more work to do. The gas stove or hob also deserves a good cleaning. Do this as soon as possible after it has cooled. Then food scraps cannot stick and cleaning is so much quicker. Also don’t forget to regularly wipe the kitchen doors. It really takes only a minute or two. But a hygienic clean kitchen gives a wonderfully tidy feeling. And it seriously only takes a few minutes if you do it immediately.

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5.    Use your cupboard to put things back in

Put things back in the cupboard. If you pay attention, it does not happen very often. You need something, for example a scissor. How often do you put it back immediately? Or the tape, the hair elastic or the charger of your smartphone. A good habit is to immediately put things back in the cupboard when you’re done. This also applies to shoes that you take off when you get home. Put them immediately in the shoe cupboard. By including this tip in your daily routine, you will see that your house will stay much more clean and organized. After all, things never just lay around the house anymore. And an additional advantage is that you no longer have to search for things that disappear without a reason.

Robot cleaner

6.    Do the laundry in small stages

Laundry baskets full of dirty clothes causes discomfort in your head. And of course it also makes your laundry room uncluttered. Delaying to do the laundry is very tempting. But the more dirty laundry you have, the less clean clothing you have left to wear. Washing clothes does not only mean putting the wash in the washing machine. It also means drying, ironing, folding and putting clothes back in the closet. It is a whole process that you cannot do in one day. So don’t collect everything until it becomes a mountain, but work in small stages. That way you can keep control of everything and your house will look nicely organized and tidy.

7.    A clean house gives a tidy mind

When checking your house, it is also good to catch an eye on loose items. A tidy house ensures a relax mind. Therefore, check what you can throw away. It costs you only a few minutes every day. This applies to bills, empty packaging, waste in the waste bin, old socks, but also food from the refrigerator. Advertising brochures and received mail are often collected in a large pile. Make sure this pile is checked every day and clean up what you no longer need. This way you prevent a mess of things at every little spot in the house.

Washing dryer combination

8.    Cleaning your house is the final step

Cleaning the house is the last logical step in the list. Not only cleaning up, but also hygienic cleaning is important. That does not mean that you have to clean every day. But people with a tidy house have a regular cleaning routine. They often have a cleaning schedule. This way they thoroughly clean a certain area every day of the week. The floor is always cleaned in the daily routine. A floor without crumbs and dirt ensures a clean feeling right away. Also wipe the table and other surfaces on a daily basis. This prevents too much dirt from getting onto the floor.

9.    Need help? Use electrical appliances

Seriously, technology has given so much easy solutions to help you keeping your house clean and tidy. For example: a robot vacuum cleaner, a robot mob, dishwasher machine, washing/dryer combination. So use these wise technologies to keep your house clean and ordered.

You can see that it is not difficult to keep your house tidy and clean. Establish a daily routine for yourself and follow it. Then you will be satisfied with the result every day. From now on, disorder and dirt belongs to the past